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Furnace Repair in San Antonio

Furnace Repair

Diagnosing your gas furnace repair job can be tough for most homeowners. A gas furnace is not too complex but requires complex tools and know how in our to get the job done safe and proper.

Conventional Gas Furnace Repair Advice

Let’s talk about what a gas furnace does from a technical perspective to better understand how gas furnace repair show function:

  1. First, gas furnaces bring in cold air.
  2. Furnaces then clean the air using a air-filter.
  3. It the furnace heats the air using a gas burner and a heat exchanger element.
  4. It finishes by distributing the hot air through a blower motor and into ductwork within your home.


This process is repeated through the return duct located throughout your home. This helps retain the heated air and increases the efficiency of heating.

Many issues with gas furnaces are simple. Your pilot light keeps the gas burner running – when these go out, don’t expect that gas furnace to even start. Often these can be lit by carefully following the instructions for your furnace. However, newer furnaces have an electronic ignition which could be cause for the problem which requires more review. If your pilot light is not on and you can start it, it may be time to call in the experts at Quality Air Mechanical. We can diagnose and repair problems. We can offer a solutions that will help guarantee a comfortable home all winter.

Furnace Repair

We offer expert solutions to make sure your home here in the El Paso area is warm all winter long. We have experts to repair any brand and type of furnace.

Furnance Maintaince

This important step is overlooked by many. Our experts can inspect your home here in the El Paso area for any problems with your heating system.

Furnance Upgrade

You will easily know when it is time for a new furnace. Our experts can make sure that you get the right heating solution for your home here in the El Paso area.

Service with a Smile

If your home needs Furnace repair now and you live in the El Paso area. Give Quality Air Mechanical a call. We offer quick service and can help any home or business owner with the heating and cooling systems. 

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